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Woodworking Lessons


My philosophy of training is that any student of mine can build from the simplest to most complicated piece with my assistance.

  • I suggest you pick your own project, something you would like to make
    yourself rather than buying it. The lessons will cost you what I would
    charge you if I would make it plus materials or $35/hr.
  • I will teach you myself which will be a one-on-one lesson during the week or weekend without a time limit.
  • Develop woodworking skills and understand the process of building
    furniture. Also learn how to make curved and inlaid pieces.
  • I have a strong background in design and layout specializing in solid wood inlays and curved pieces.
  • Below are testimonials from our students:
    Ian who built the bench shown on the right. My experience with Will (and Viv) at WS Woodmasters has been an absolute pleasure. I realize now that my bench project was more advanced than I had first imagined but Will broke down all the steps and patiently guided me through purchasing the wood, sanding, cutting and joining the sections. I got to use all the equipment he has but I was always well supervised and never pushed to perform tasks I didn’t feel confident with. As we changed the design on-the-fly, Will provided excellent tuition and would lead by example in all stages of the project. When we got to sanding (of which there was a lot!) then he motivated me to continue well past my natural stopping point and the outcome was a beautiful end-product that I was really proud to have accomplished and which will be a piece I will always treasure.  I am already on to my next project with him!  Ian Brown   Hartland  May 2019
  • Jim, who built spice racks for his wife (picture of the spice rack shown on the right):
    “Will looked at my basic sketch for a plain spice rack & arranged different types of wood in a fan pattern and suggested this construction would make the rack a piece of art. After combining walnut, ash, Spalted maple, and purple heart, I am very proud of the resulting spice rack. Will helped with instructions for using various tools in his shop and techniques to assemble and glue the racks together. If you do not know exactly where to start, or need ideas to make your woodworking project more distinct, call Will.”

The final spice rack Jim made for his wife.

Jesse & Will admire the chair he just built for his daughter finished rocker

My daddy made my chair

Will watches as Ellen applies router lesson

Will watches as Ellen cuts board to spec

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